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Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Battle of Lake George

1.    Battle of Lake George 1755

British Forces:                         French Forces:

Sir William Johnson’s New England       Regt. La Reine

Army                                  Compaigne Frances

                                      Milice du Quebec


Johnson established a fortified camp on the shores of Lake George prior to Baron Diskeau’s arrival. The German general in the service of France was faced with a problem. His Amerindian allies would not fight unless given chance to plunder. The Baron decided that if this was to be allowed, no quarter was to be given to the English colonial force. As his artillery provided covering fire, the French advanced as a collum against the camp. As the Amerindians overran one area of the camp, the French smashed into the defenses. The battle decended into an orgy of violence and blood. No colonials were left alive. Johnson was decapitated and his head put on a stake in the middle of his camp. If the colonials wanted to challenge the Ameindians again, this was what they would expect. The French washed their hands of the affair. Diskeau would ultilize the policy which the French used in Holland fifty years before. If the colonials were terrifired of the Amerindians before, they most surely be cowered now.
Ian sets up his French

The American colonial fortified camp.

Amerindians begin to probe the defences

Ian awaits Daddy's attack

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