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Friday, 30 December 2011

How our reenacting all began

In 1984, the first 18th century reenactment unit (outside of Parks Canada) was formed for the bicentenial of the United Empire Loyalists migration to British North America from 1783-85. Our choice of regiment to portray was the 2nd Battalion 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants. We chose this unit as it had settled in the are where we lived, notibly Colchester, Hants and Halifax counties of Nova Scotia. Our uniforms were a mix bag of garmets which we had altered to look the part of the 18th century. Over time, our group of 5 members has grown to a sizable group which I believe is now about 30-40 members from all areas of Nova Scotia. Eventually in the mid 1990's other units were formed, The King's Orange Rangers out of Liverpool, The Royal Fencible Americans in Halifax, The Prince of Wales Volunteers and the 3rd Battalion New Jersey Volunteers. There is also a detachment of the 4th Battalion Royal Artillery as well as some members who also portray Goreham's Rangers, 78th Fraser's Highlanders Grenadier Company.
During my univeristy studies, I also applied and was accepted to work with the Halifax Citadel Regimental Association as a member of 78th Rosshire Buffs and the 3rd Brigade Royal Artillery 1869-71. I was a basic private in the infantry and a gunner in the artillery. This was definetly a cool job to work in for someone who was a reenactor from their youth as well as a history major in university.

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