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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saint Andrews day 2011

I had planned a Nova Scotian style kitchen party since our massive earthquake of March 11 to pick up the spirits of my friends, family and I. Eventually, it turned to November before I could get it together.
So Sunday November 27 became the date.
I must thank my head teacher Komatsu-sensei for taking the pictures. As most Japanese enjoy taking pictures of food, this shows what we ate, which was Acadian Fricot using Farmer John's herbs from Kings County, Nova Scotia, and burritos. (Ok so not so Scottish, but I did have Walker's short breads, and Robertson's Mincemeat)

My co-worker Trevor Cooms who surprised us with his Jews Harp and Harmonicas

My good self with my sticks and practise pad and my friend Andrew Gilhooley on a set of John Walsh miniature pipes.

Not to be outdone, Trevor had to pick up Komatsu-sensei's mandolin. Since this party, he's now gagging to get one himself, he's a pretty good player.

Apart from drumming, I also sing folk music. This must have been one of the slow tunes I was singing. Will ye go tae Flanders

So then my son Ian decided to get in the music. He plucked away. Not bad for a little guy.

While the musicians played our other guests enjoyed, tea, drinks, and food. Andrew MacKay, our newest teacher in our division enjoyed a little taste of home. In the back round are my wife, friends daughter Sara and my little girl, Leena

My little girl Leena who insists on always wearing pink.

Ian checking out Trevor's knitting. And the harmonicas.
It was a fun afternoon, which we hope to repeat in a few months.

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