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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Two weeks to the big day, the British await the arrival from Santa.

Today's posting shows the Regiments I have painted up. Of course, the first shot is The 1st Regiment or Royal Scots. This Regiment served at the Siege of Louisbourg in 1758 then was moved to General Amherst's command in 1759

The 17th Regt. another Louisbourg Regiment, they also served in Quebec 1759.

The 28th Regiment of Foot. This Regiment had served in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in the late 1690's as Gibbon's Regiment. Those who stayed behind as Independent companies became...

The 40th Regt. which served in North America from 1717-1763.

The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, The Black Watch. These beauties started life as Airfix Waterloo British Highlanders but with a lighter and modelling knife and paint have been transformed to 18th century Highlanders. As far as accuracy goes, at this scale my philosophy is if it looks like a duck, it is a duck.

 The 45th Regiment.This Regiment arrived in Nova Scotia at the beginning of the 1750's. Not only did they fight in the Seven Years War, they were also involved in the ugly episode of the Expulsion of the Acadians.

The 47th Regiment. When this Regiment served at Louisbourg, they had redcoats faced white. At Quebec, their resupply of uniforms had been captured by a French privateer. Instead of their usual uniform, they were issued uniforms which had been made for the disbanded 50th and 51st which were red faced red.

The 78th Fraser's Highlanders. Another conversion of Airfix Highlanders. This Regiment served in the Louisbourg and Quebec campaigns while their Light Infantry companies served all over North America.

This shot is of my Royal Artillery and other figures who are as of yet are waiting for Santa to bring their brother's and sisters from the North Pole. There is also a sampling of Royal Navy gun crews here as well. A lone Ensign of the 58th awaits his regiment to rally around his Colours on Christmas morning.
Whenever they are not engaged, my little ones spend their time in this nice plastic box which I can buy from the local 100 yen store, the Japanese equivalent to the dollar store.

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