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Friday, 30 December 2011

Fort Dusequene

French forces march out of their fort to try and stop the British advance.

The British regulars form line to fire on the Amerindians

The American colonials begin to form a second line.

Raid on Fort Duquesne September 9, 1758 Refought 12/18/11

Major Grant advanced his troops carefully along the Alleghany river to his objective. The colonial rangers were providing a forward cover while the 77th Highlanders made up the first units of his advance. The Grenadier companies were dispersed along the length of the collum. The other provincial units held the rear while the British regulars made up the centre. The French commander sent out his entire force to halt the British advance. As the Highlanders broke forth from a clearing, Les Compaignes Frances briskly advanced, fired a volley and then charged the dazed Highlanders. The rangers were then taken out by Canadien milice while the Amerindians headed straight for the regulars. The American colonials charged forth and poured a heavy volley which made most of the Amerindians flee. Eventually a French officer rallied them and then they went back to harass the regulars. The French kept up the pressure on the British line. While the provincials had cleared the way, the milice and Amerindians simply turned inward and cut them down. The British were forced into a defensive square where the commander decided to risk surrendering to the French commander. Once again, the French had blunted another advance on Ft. Duquesne.

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