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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


The British horse advance on the Americans

Battle of Monmouth June 28, 1778

This was the largest battle in the Northern area during the American Revolution. 11,000 American troops attempted to destroy 10,000 British troops. It was General Lee's downfall and Washington was able to save his army from another defeat.

The Refight with miniatures 12/27/11

Crown Forces                                      Continental Army

First Division: Gen. Cornwallis                       Gen. Lee

Royal Artillery                                    Continental Artillery    

16th Lt. Dragoons                                 Col. Grayson’s Det

1st Light Infantry                                  4th/8th/12th Virginia

Queens Rangers                                 Col. Durkee’s Det

                                                4th/8th Connecticut

British Grenadiers                                1st/2nd/ Rhode Island

1st Grenadiers                                   Gen Maxwell

2nd Grenadiers                                   1st New Jersey

                                                3rd New Jersey

Foot Guards                                     Monmouth Militia

3rd Bde.                                         Poor’s Bde

15th/17th/42nd/44th                                1st New Hampshire

4th Bde.                                         3rd New Hampshire

33rd/37th/46th/64th/                                2nd New York

5th Bde.                                         Huntington Bde.

7th/26th/63rd/                                     2nd/5th Connecticut

                                                Smallwood Bde.

Second Division Gen. von Knyphausen             3rd Maryland

Flank Guards                                    2nd Maryland

17th Lt. Dragoons/2nd Lt. Inf/ 40th                    6th Maryland

                                                Parkers Bde

Jagers                                         1st/5th/9th Virginia

1st Bde.                                         Lord Stirling Bde

4th/23rd/28th/49th/                                 1st Pennsylvania

2nd Bde.                                       2nd Pennsylvania

5th/10th/27th/55th                                                7th Pennsylvania

Hessian Bde.                                  Butler’s Bde

Loyalist Corps                                 4th Pennsylvania

Maryland Loyalists                             5th Pennsylvania

New Jersey Volunteers                         11th Pennsylvania

                                             1st New York

                                             Glover’s Bde

                                             1st/4th/10th Massachusetts

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