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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Camping in Japan Part 2

This had been our camping trip in the summer of 2010. We stayed near a beach with our two tents. One was for sleeping, the other was a dining tent.

This was our cabin in August 2011. This one had a/c and a fridge!

In May, 2011 we rented a cabin at a different camp ground. We made our meals on a gas stove.

My little girl Leena enjoyed blowing off the blossoms from the dandelions while Ian was running around with his musket.

The cabin was unfurnished so all we needed to do was put down our sleeping bags. The cabin was wired, and had an air conditioner! Talk about roughing it!

My wife Emi and our daughter enjoying a cool drink in the Tokyo German Village.

My attempts at archery. I shoot better with firearms. My trousers are Canadian Forces Combat pants issued from 1968-2003. My bush hat and t-shirt are Eddie Bauer items, the only clothing store in Japan which sells larg sizes for Western people.

Ian on a cool swing. He was on this for about forty minutes.

Leena prefers a more sedate ride such as this swing.

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