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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cycling to work

Since May 2011, I have decided to cycle to work. There are many reasons for this.
The first could be that I want to loose weight.
Other reasons could be: lessening my carbon blueprint on the earth.
                                       not getting stuck on a train when they are delayed to too much wind
                                       having a reliable mode of transport in this time of earthquake aftershocks.
It's only 16-18km from my home to my schools. So doing that twice a day works out to about 32-36km per day working out so far that since last May, I have cycled over 1000km, replaced one bicycle and invested in a bicycle helmet and a head lamp.
I've lost about 8kg over this time. Though since I have been off for 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years vacation, I've probably put some back on.

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