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Sunday, 1 January 2012


While I'm writing this message, it's now January 2 here in Japan. Yesterday, my family did the Japanese traditional thing of eating Osechi, which is a soup made of chicken stock, thick rice cakes and then eating grilled fish or shrimp. I have a problem with living in Japan in that I don't like fish much!

Of another note, while we went out shopping to see all the bargains at a shopping mall in Chiba New Town, Japan was hit by another earthquake. This one was a level 7 according to the Japanese scale. It was 4 in our area but that really doesn't matter when you are inside a concrete structure. My kids and I had just settled down in a Starbucks to enjoy some coffees when it hit. I picked up the kids and got out, not an easy thing to do when loaded down with shopping bags and people lining up for their orders. Luckily it stopped and even luckier that there was no tsunami this time.

So the Year of the Dragon started off with a roar.

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