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Monday, 23 January 2012

The Great Swamp fight King Philip's War 1675

The Amerindian camp

New England pike and shot block

Other New England troops say hidden in the woods

Some of Church's men and some sword and buckler men

More New Englanders with muskets, swords

The pikemen charge in

Pikemen begin to break into the fort

The Amerindians await the onslaught

The chief watches for the whiteman's attack.

Church's men begin to snipe at the defenders.

Others begin to move up.

The pikemen break into the fort.

A final volley from the New Englanders.
The Great Swamp Fight December 16, 1675

New England Colonial militia vs Narragansett

 2 battalions of militia          3 bands of warriors/civilians

Board: Amerindian fortified village attacked and destroyed

Most of this conflict consisted of attacks on English colonial settlements and counter raids on Amerindian villages. Church’s Rangers were developed in this period.
The re fight 1/8/12
The Narragansett were settled into their village for the winter when Benjamin Church came to pay a visit. The Amerindians, believing they were safe inside their fortified camp in the middle of a frozen swamp never thought the New Englanders were come to make war on them. After all, they had not started the fighting, the other native groups in the area did.
The Amerindian leader, deployed his warriors with muskets outside to try and delay the New Englander advance. The New Englanders on the other hand decided to use Pike and shot tactics to try and smash into the fort. Church's company deployed on the right while the less able militia with muskets took the left. A further collum was behind them armed with older matchlocks and swords and shields. The first Amerindian volley took out some of Church's men but they were slowly shot down by English musket fire.
As the pike block smashed into the fort, the remaining Amerindians fled into the woods during a cold bleak season.

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