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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bunker Hill Part 3

The British centre (shown on the bottom right of this shot) are 1768 pattern Grenadiers assaulting the American entrenchments. On the far left, are the British Light Infantry companies. The American rifles can be seen on the left of the shot. The American commander in this section forgot to give the rifles the order to fire. Having forgotten that rifles can fire further, he deployed his units thinking the British would advance halt and fire. The British turn turned up a 3 card meaning they could complete 3 actions in this turn. Usually when my son and I play a game, this card is the one where we use to destroy our opponent. The British Lights opened fire on the American rifles, destroying them, while the Grenadiers also gave fire. The American militia had no chance to return fire as the entire British line then charged with the bayonet. The American centre and right were whipped out leaving only a small detachment on their left.

British speed and musketry won out on this replay.


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