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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's a cold day in Japan but spring will come soon

One of my other hobbies here in Japan is to go camping with my family. Camping in Japan is probobly the cheapest way to spend a holiday once you have all the gear to do so. My wife had gone camping in her first marriage and was nearly put off the experience until she met me. I was able to take our family camping which we all enjoyed. My 3 older step children were convinced that to get a bbq going they needed to get 5 grasshoppers or insects each. After they ran off to do this, my wife asked me why I had done that. I explained that if they were out doing that they would a) be busy doing something fun, b) would burn off their energy c) allow me to get the fire going without having little kids bump into me as I was using fire. d) allowed us to start cooking. After about 40 minutes they came back and apologised that they had found none, but behold, the fire was going.

Baked potatoes

Grilled corn (almost too much)

BBQ Chicken

My son and our friend from Austria. It had been his first time camping in Japan and in about 5 years with a family.
When my wife and little ones decided to go camping again, this was what we experienced.

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