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Thursday, 26 January 2012

My other life as a teacher

I've been an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in Asia since 1996. I did 3 years in a Korean Hagwan from 1996-99. I survived the IMF era of 1997 in Korea. It was a major learning experience for me. Once which I hope no one has to go through.

I came to Japan in 1999 and began teaching in Ichinoseki, Iwate at an Eikawa. I learned two basic things.

1) I enjoy teaching children
2) I don't enjoy business English lessons.

I then moved down to Narita, Chiba. I learned some more things
1) I hate cockroaches
2) Never work in a school located next to a pub.

I then moved over to Yachiyo, Chiba. I learned even more things
1) I really need to work with people who know and enjoy what they are doing
2) There can be alot of paperwork

I then met my wife, went back to Canada, got married, then came back to Japan.
I then took a job in Toyama, Toyama
My next learning experience taught me other things
1) Make sure the company you take a job with is well established and can pay you.
2) Country areas of Japan are very different from the Tokyo area.
3)I still enjoy teaching children.
I began my career as an ALT Assistant Language Teacher

An ALTs job is to assist teaching English in Japanese Elementary and junior high schools. This runs the gammet of either being a live action audio player, or teaching on you own.

More to follow

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