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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Captain Morgan anyone?

Morgan’s Raid on Cartagena des Indes March 1669
(photo courtsey of The Chroncile Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia) 
1 brigade of Buccaneers VS Spanish Garrison: (Conquistodors)
1 ship(Black Pearl)        
1 village, houses, windmill  
4 boats  
Capt. Henry Morgan (later Governor of Jamaica and the idea for a tasty rum) led an initial force of 1000 buccaneers to attack the Spanish city. Unfortunately for Morgan, half of his fleet deserted him when some of his crew were drunk and lit a fuse setting of an explosion on his flag ship. Eventually when he reached South America, Morgan was forced to heavily modify his plan. His French second in command knew of a passage to outflank the city, however he had been in the area 3 years before. The Spanish had strengthened their defences and has built a fort covering the channel which Morgan was now taking.
This scenario is how Morgan was able to take out the Spanish fort.
Morgan led four boatloads of Buccaneers towards the town. Landing two boatloads to march overland to flank the town, two boatloads then advanced directly towards the Spanish to act as a fient. The Buccaneers were attempting to capture some supplies but the Spanish fiercely guarded their supplies. One group of Spanish struck the Buccaneers attempting to flank the town, but only checked one group. As the other made it into the rear of the town, the Spanish were thrown into confusion as to which way to attack. The Spanish commander led his main force towards the threat faced in his rear. While this happened, a group of Buccaneers then went back into their boats and then boarded a Spanish sloop which they then sailed away. The remaining Buccaneers then made a mad dash through a gallalet of Spanish to board their boats and row away. In the end, the Spanish successfully guarded their supplies but lost one of their ships. The Buccaneers crept away with only a large vessel to show for their efforts. Thus this action was a draw. See youtube for a video of this action.

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