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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

King George's War 1740's North America Part 1

This is another campaign which I plan on gamming. Most of the actions were small scale battles, perfect for wargamming.

(photos courtsey of Louisbourg Institute)

War of Jenkins’ Ear/King George’s War 1739-48

A)   Carribean
B)   Florida vs Georgia
British Forces:                               Spanish Forces:
Georgia Rangers/
Georgia Ind Highlanders
42nd Regt (not Scots)
Goochs’s Regt
C)   Nova Scotia vs Isle Royale
May 24, 1744 Battle of Canso
350 Compaigne Franches de La Marine attack 87 40th/Phillips Regiment
Dice roll to check if Capt. Heron will actually fight.
July 1744 Le Loutre’s Siege of Annapolis Royal
300 Mi’kMaw attack 100 40th/Phillips Regiment with RA guns

September 6, 1744 Duviver’s Siege of Annapolis Royal
50 Compaigne Frances & 100 Mi’kMaw vs 100 40th/Phillips, 42 Goreham’s Rangers
May 1745 Canadien siege of Annapolis Royal
300 Compaigne Frances, Milice and Abenaki vs 100 40th/Phillips/Gorehams
this attack breaks off to go and assist Siege of Louisbourg
May 1745-June 1745 New England siege of Louisbourg
New England force:                       French forces:
Mass Battn                              Compagne Frances
Conn Battn                              Regt. Karrer
RI Battn                                 Cannonier-Bombardier: 3 guns
NH Battn                               
4 guns                                 
May 1746
300 Abenakis go to Nova Scotia, skirmish with Goreham’s Rangers
August 1746: 1800 Quebec milice join up with Abenakis for Duc D’Anville’s expedition which has 11,000 soldiers, sailors. This would be an interesting campaign to fight as the original foundered due to storms and sickness. Possibility of recapturing Louisbourg, besieging Annapolis Royal, attack on Boston.
French Forces:  Regt. Ponthieu
               Milice Royale du Saumur
               Milice Royale du Fontenay-le-Comte
(photo courtsey of Kerry Delorey)

February 13, 1747 Battle of Grand Pre (see posting for February 10, 2013)
240 Canadien Milice vs 460 Nobel’s Regiment

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