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Monday, 22 October 2012

Fort St. Jean 1775

This battle involved one of the regiments which I was a reenactor in, the Royal Highland Emigrants.
Though I was in the Second Battalion based out of Nova Scotia, the First Battalion was based in Quebec.
Until 1777, the First Battalion had Green coats faced red with buff facings and wore tricorn hats. They were Highland in name only save for perhaps their officers who could afford to buy the highland uniform.
Meanwhile, back to the battle.
Fort St. Jean was attacked in September, 1775 by the American army sent to capture Canada. Led by Montgomery and Arnold, they came within an ace of conquering Quebec, and then British North America would have been left to Nova Scotia, St. John's Island (PEI), Newfoundland and Rupert's Land, that of the Hudson's Bay Company.
In today's action which can be seen on Youtube under my Japanesehighlander tag, is a 10 minute depiction of the action.
The initial British/Canadien moves were successful in pushing back the Americans to the point of taking out 90% of the American artillery.
The Americans made effective use of their remaining artillery and in a final push, the American rifles pinned down the troops.
(photo courtsey of the Brigade of the American Revolution)
The regular British troops had been cut down by American musketry despite having driven them
(photo courtsey of Kerry Delorey)

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