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Monday, 22 October 2012

The Battle of Garcia Hernandez July 23, 1812

This refight was to see how the action would play out.
This battle is known in military history as one of the few chances where cavalry have broken and infantry square!
During the refight, one French battalion formed square, survived some infantry then were able to flee to the heights above the village of Garcia Hernandez.
The 1st and Light Divisions then advanced into the village having chased the French 6eme into the alleys. After a brisk volley from the 60th Royal American Regiment, the French 6eme fled onto the ridge. The British 12th Lt. Dragoons then charged through the village to block a French retreat. The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, the Black Watch and the 79th Regiment, Cameron Highlanders then formed line and charged the ridge. The Black Watch took heavy casualties but took out the French guns. Finally, with the Cameron Highlanders levelling their bayonets, the remaining French infantry fled. The only change to this battle, the King's German Legion heavy dragoons were decimated by French musketry when the German's attempted to block the French retreat.
(photo courtsey of Wargammers Illustrated)

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