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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Le Lourtre's War Nova Scotia, 1750's

This is counter insurgency 18th century style.
(photo courtsey of the former 15th Regiment website)
(photo by G. Embelton)

Le Loutre's War 1750-54
This conflict took place in Nova Scotia between the Colonial government and the Mik-Maq nation. It was not fully resolved until the end of the Seven Years War.
Founding of Halifax, May, 1749.
British troops: 29th (Hopson’s) 45th (Warburton’s) 56th (Horseman’s), Goreham’s Rangers plus 2,500 civilians
This could be an interesting game whereby the Mi’kMaw attempt to thwart the landing. 
Establishment of fortified settlement, as well as Fort Sackville
September 18, 1749 Mi’kMaw attack English at Chignecto
September 19, 1749 Mi’kMaw attack Canso 20 hay cutters
British forces: 6 companies 40th/Phillips 1 company Goreham’s Rangers 1 company Clapman’s Rangers 1 company Bartello’s Rangers
Mi’kMaw raid on Dartmouth
October 1749: Nova Scotia Sea militia attack on Mirligueche (Lunenburg) destroys Mi’kMaw village
March 1750: Battle of Ste. Croix Gorham’s Rangers vs Mi’kMaw/Acadians
1 coy 45th, 2 guns RA, Clapham’s Rangers
The refight 1/8/12
March 30, 1750 Major Lawerence’s expedition to Chignecto.
Interesting little adventure where players could try to stop Mikmaq from destroying the town.

300 regulars, Goreham’s Rangers, Sea Militia vs Acadians/Mi’kMaq
Establishment of Fort Edward. Beaubassin burnt by Mi’kMaq.
(photo taken by Capt. Redden, 2nd Battalion 84th Regiment Royal Highland Emigrants)
September 1750: 47th Lascelle’s) Regiment arrives. Second expedition to Chignecto. All British regulars in Nova Scotia and 1 coy rangers vs Acadian/Mi’KMaq
Fort Lawerence built.
Ambush of How’s company at Chignecto
Ambush of Bartello’s company 60 rangers vs 35 Acadian/MikMaq
September 28: Acadian Privateer captures 37 British
September 30 Battle of Petitcodiac: Goreham’s Rangers: 30 vs Acadian/MikMaq
September 30 Raid on Dartmouth: Acadian/MikMaq vs British settlers
March 26, 1751 Raid on Dartmouth
April 1751 Raid on Halifax
May 13 Raid on Dartmouth 60 MikMaq vs settlers
Fort Beausejour built by French contains 32 guns, a mortar, 70 Compaigne Franches de La Marine as well as Fort Gaspereaux
May 1753 Establishment of Lunenburg
Sea militia, 1 company 40th, 1 company militia, Goreham’s Rangers 1400 settlers

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