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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dunner's War 1720's Nova Scotia, New England campaign

This is a campaign which I am going to try and play out this fall. These are the scenarios which I will play.
Dunner’s War – Maliseet-Mi’KMaw War 1722-26

 ( These French troops would have been in Ilse Royale, Louisbourg and could potentially been sent to Nova Scotia to assist the MikMaq

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This conflict took place in modern Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It was a low level conflict consisting of ambushes, raids, ship seizures by the Ameridians and an attempt to besiege Fort Anne.
British Forces:
40th Regt/RA detachment/Royal Navy sailors
(photo courtsey of Kerry DeLorey) 
July 1722 Battle of Jeddore
English schooner vs Mi’kMaw schooner
English force: 15 sailors, 40th Grenadiers    Mi’KMaw 39 warriors
In this action, the Amerindian morale plays a key part. For each volley fired by the English, after casualties, check Amerindian morale to see if they stay or flee.
English make use of grenades to clear opposing ships decks.
This action was refought on 10/28/12. It is now a video clip on youtube.
The British force was sailing along the Nova Scotian coast when they were hit by two canoes of Mi'KMaw. As the Amerindians moved forward, the British fired musket volleys and tossed grenades into the canoes. It was over pretty quickly. The grenades did their job, the Mi'KMaw fell back and British Nova Scotia was saved for another day.
(photo taken at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia circa 1985)

Bradstreet’s raid in Canso area on Amerindian camps
After the naval skirmish near Canso Ensign Bradstreet, and privateer Captain Elliot clear the area of Mi’KMaw warriors

August 1722 Bradstreet’s second naval skirmish
English force: 1 schooner with 15 sailors, 12 Grenadiers
Mi’KMaw force: 3 fishing vessels with 30 warriors
In the actual battle, the Amerindians made their escape. However in the game, roll to see if they stay and fight.

September 1722 Captain Southack’s skirmish in Gut of Canso
English force: 1 privateering schooner
Mi’KMaw: 3 canoes with 6 warriors

July 1723 Raid on Canso
MikMaq raid on fisherman in the area.
MikMaq force: 1 war band
English force: 20 fisherman half armed.

1724 Mi’KMaw sniping on Fort Anne garrison
The could be an interesting little game where a MikMaq band attempts to attack the fort by rushing the gate.
English force: 2 companies of Phillips regiment
MikMaq force: 1 warband

1725 Mi’kMaw raid on Canso
This raid, despite the presence of a 12 gun blockhouse resulted in the Mi’kMaw capturing 10 shallops.
English force: 1 blockhouse with 12 guns. And 2 companies of infantry
Mi’kMaw force: 3 war bands

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