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Friday, 26 October 2012

Celtic culture concert in a Japanese elementary schol

So what? You've never seen a guy in a kilt before? I'm wearing my MacKenzie kilt which was originally issued to a bandsman in the 17th Pictou Highlanders during the First World War. My cap badge is that of my old unit the 78th Highlanders Rosshirebuffs, or what they became the Second Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. My shirt is and Eddie Bauer one my wife got me as a Christmas present two years ago. Nifty eh?

My Japanese co-worker, Sako-Sensei was a good sport and wanted to try on a kilt. He went out and bought his tie to match the kilt.

Getting ready to play in front of our students.

I borrowed the schools snare drum to play. All in all, it was nice afternoon of music, and definetly one to remember for the kids and teachers.

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