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Monday, 11 March 2013

Battle of Tongue March 25/26, 1746

This was an interesting little skirmish between two French naval vessels with crews, Irish Pickets between Loudoun's 64th Highlanders. The Jacobites were to land their gold to finance their war efforts. A video version can be found on my japanesehighlander channel on youtube.

Ian was the Jacobite commander. I was the British commander.

On Ian's first turn, he drew a 2 card, meaning he could perform two actions. This meant he swarmed the dockside with both boatloads of French forces to push back the 64th.
The French charged into the Government highlanders cutting them down.
On the British first turn, the remaining British Highlanders attempted to shoot down as many French and Irish as they could. A small hand mortar kept them at bay, but eventually, the 64th were taken out. The French were able to deposit the gold for the Jacobite. Mission Accomplished.

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