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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring in Japan 2013

With the end of the school year, I've had a lot of half days. Consequently I've been able to have a lot of time to play with my son. It was 24c when we took this shot.

The first day of spring, I took Ian to a park out in Inzai-Shi, Chiba Prefecture. We call this Big Hill Park because we don't know the name. It is near Route 464 and the Big Hop Mall and Joyful Honda. It was about 21c in this park.

Later on, I took him to another park closer to our house where he wanted to climb trees.
I have to make a comparision between Japan and Nova Scotia.
 back home, they still need to use the snowblowersand cars are still sliding off the roads. (
As much as I'm homesick, I DONT MISS THE WEATHER.

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