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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Colonial Rangers 1700-1783

(photo courtsey of syw yahoo group) Rangers in their original form were raised as soldiers to "range" or patrol. In the southern colonies, they were mounted, but had to provide their own weapons, clothes and mounts.

Church's men were an early type of rangers raised in the 1680's. They were the first raised to take the Amerindian way of warfare against them.

Gorham's Rangers were the first raised in Nova Scotia.

The New Jersey Frontier Guard were raised to patrol the frontier on the edge of European settlement.

Further down the ages were Butler's Rangers raised from Loyalists to take the war to the American homeland.

Click for larger image, I'd like to get some of these, but they will need to be modified a bit.
Click for larger image, these might be better, but I have metal ones back home which are a bit better. (box art from

(plasticsoldierreview) These figures are actually Swedish Infantry of Charles XII from Strelets. I've painted them as rangers, and light infantry.

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