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Sunday, 24 March 2013

King George's War 1744-48 part 3: Le Loutre's Siege of Annapolis Royal 1744

This action took place just after the French raid on Canso in 1744. Le Loutre, the French Jesuit priest to the Mik Maq nation took them on an attempt to retake Annapolis Royal but made the tatical error of not having any artillery.

In the replayed action, Ian was Le Loutre and led the MikMaq warriors. I was Massacrene, the British Commander with only 4 companies of 40th Foot, two RA guns and some armed labourers

Ian's MikMaqs rushed the walls hoping to overrun the British, but despite breaking over the walls, the British were able to use the forts guns to smash them apart. It was a near run thing for the British as they had to contend with two breeches in the walls.

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