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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Riel Rebellion 1870 & 1885

The Riel Rebellions were one of the darkests parts of Canadian history. A proud Aboriginal people, the Metis, were pushed to the edge, and fought back.
There were many after effects of these conflicts. The first was the completion of the Inter-Continental Railway, to link Canada, providing a demarcation of the Canadian border, the influence of the North-West Mounted Police and the beginnings of the Indian Residential school system.
For the figures to use in these games, RAFM's metal figures,
Click for larger image Revell's Cowboys,  Revell's Indians Click for larger image and Airfix Indians Click for larger image
give the Metis/First Nations units.

 The Canadian militia units comes from Esci Zulu War British Infantry Click for larger image (box photos courtsey of
, and a few metal figures from RAFM.

Battle of Cut Knife Hill:

Battle of Duck Lake:

Battle of Frog Lake:

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