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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saint Patrick's Day in Japan 2013

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday in Japan. Though there is a big parade in Tokyo, I won't be going as it's about 90 minutes from here,and too many people.
 Ian and I in our last parade back in 2010

 Our first and last Saint Patrick's Day parade in Tokyo together.
As much fun as I had drumming with the Tokyo Pipeband, I'm too busy with other things to be with a group of Japanese musicians who take it too seriously.

So, my little boy and I went out to a park to play

Then we decided to play outside kicking a soccer ball. I wore my Ulster Defence Regiment beret and my DPM jacket with the 107 (Ulster) Brigade badge. Now to those out there who may think I'm some fellow who chooses sides in the Troubles, I DONT! I grew up in Nova Scotia, CANADA, however, my relatives who were left in Northern Ireland were targeted by republicians as they served food and drink to British troops, because they were human beings!
My mothers people came from Nairn, Scotland to Prince Edward Island in 1803. As well, I have ancestors who were from Ulster, Peppards. They were Protestants, Presbeterians to be exact.
My father's people came from Ennis, Co. Clare. I was raised Presbeterian, my wife and children were baptised in the Church of England. I'm proud of my Irish and Scottish heritage. I am not proud of the senseless violence which still takes place in Northern Ireland. I have a UDR cap badge because I view those soldiers with respect. They had a huge job trying to maintain peace, order and good government, which is many ethos of what Canadians stand for. I was never in this regiment, but was able to purchase the cap badge, beret and jacket from

For dinner we then had potatoes, cabbage and pork.
A nice day to celebrate our Irish heritage.

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