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Thursday, 14 March 2013

European armies 1740-83

Back home in storage, these are the sets which I have painted as French, British, Prussian etc.

Click for larger image, Click for larger image, These hussars have been painted as French, Prussian, Hessian, Brunswickers

Click for larger image, My French army units have come from these sets
La Sarre

La Reine

La Sarre


(photos courtsey of Kerry Delorey)

Click for larger image, My Cannonier-Bombardier back home were painted from these,

(courtsey of Louisbourg militia group)

Click for larger image these have been painted as Austrian, Irish,  French and some British.
Thanks to for the box images.
Fitzjames Horse, 1745
(courtsey of Lace Wars group UK)

Click for larger image ( My Prussian, Hessians and Brunswicker's are painted from these.

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