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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thirty Years War action, 1620-30s

Ian really likes his pike and shot figures. He likes to use his Austrian Musketeers and Spanish Conquistodors to attack my Scottish troops

Yesterdays game was to have the Scots invest a town held by an Imperial force.

The Imperialists were made up of Austrian and Spanish troops.

The Spanish Tercio and Austrian pikes await the order to pounce on the Scots.

Another force advances towards the Scots camp.

The Imperialists crash into the outer defences of the camp.
The Scots horse led the charge.
The Scots attempted to smash into the city gates but were then counter charged by Imperial Pikemen. Their morale failed, and they fell back to their camp.
The next morning, the Imperials continued their pursuit onto the Scots siege camp.

The Scots sallied forth to drive back the Imperials and Spanish.

The Spanish led the way covering some Scots pikemen.

The Imperialists then frontally charged the camp.
The Scots musketeers and single siege gun attempt to hold off the attack.
Eventually, the Imperialists smashed into the camp and broke the siege.

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