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Thursday, 24 July 2014

British Grenadiers of the American Revolution

In 1768, the British Army had a massive overhaul from its experiences in the Seven Years War and French and Indian War. Tatical training was overhauled, mainly in the firing procedure, going from volley fire to platoon firing.
The visible changes came to the uniforms. Gone was the mitre cap, in was the first model of the bearskin caps. The breeches color was changed from red to white, as where the waistcoats.
Only regiments faced buff kept their buff breeches and waistcoats.
The gaiters which had been white for parade were changed to black in order to save costs.
The Grenadiers in theory kept their small swords while the rest of the infantry discarded them. However, on campaign, these were probobly kept in quartermasters stores.

I have modeled 25 grenadier companies for the Quebec 1775, and Saratoga 1777 campaigns, as about 11 of these companies took part in that campaign. The rest are painted to represent British troops for Boston 1775, and New York 1776.
Later campaigns, I will use the same figures for lack of anything else.
Painted figures to follow

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