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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kashiwa festival 2014

A lovely bit of spinach chicken curry by Lion of India, a great little truck serving fresh curry and naan. My wife and I had some while waiting for our children to begin their part of the dancing. 

My daughter is a bit nervous and shy. She had fun though. I must note that my phone is making these shots appear huge.
Ian didn't like his picture as it looked like he had antlers and a bee tail, so he asked me to remove it.

My son seems bemused with the attention and this shot makes it look like he's got sparkles coming out of his head! It's just a trick as the little boy next to him was in a bee costume.

One of the first smiles I've had in weeks. My wife bought this chunk of watermelon for all of us to share. After I ate the top half, she broke into chunks. I was also chuckling as I had just been able to extract myself for a conversation with a drunken Canadian from BC who has lived in Japan for over 20 years and missed being able to chat with someone from home.
I took this last shot just before going back on the train. The esplanade outside the station was absolutely jammed packed with people who were dancing to the rhythm of these taiko drummers. It was a very powerful beat which made everyone jump and dance. All in all a pretty good afternoon out with my family.

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