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Sunday, 27 July 2014

British Troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian war: 58th Regiment

The 58th Regiment was raised in England in 1755 at Gloucester. It was then sent to Ireland in 1757 then to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1758 for the Louisbourg campaign. It then went on to Quebec in 1759. Further action for this regiment took place in Havana in 1762 and finally in 1763 the regiment went back to the UK.

The 58th Regiment of Foot was one of several British units sent to America in 1757 in preparation for the attack on Louisbourg. Although the siege did not begin until 1758, the regiment saw the capture of the fortress and was present at the capture of Quebec the following year. This soldier is shown in marching order, carrying his pack and haversack. His red coat shows the black regimental facings of the 58th Foot on its cuff and lapels. The uniform is unusual for British infantry of the period because the regimental lace is yellow instead of the normal white, and the coat lining (seen on the turned back coat tails) is buff instead of white. Reconstruction by G. A. Embleton. (Parks Canada)
My painted figures to follow.
The 58th was not sent to North American during the American Revolution. They were sent to Gibraltar. They then spent their time in garrison as part of The Great Siege of 1779-82.

58th Regiment. 

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