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Thursday, 24 July 2014

French troops in Canada during the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: Regiment de Bearn

2eme Regiment de Bearn was send to New France in 1755. as part of General Dieskau's forces, they were sent to Fort Niagara. Later, they were sent on the Fort Bull attack, and Fort William-Henry. It then took part in the battle of Fort Carillon/Ticonderoga. From 1759, the battalion was part of the garrison of Quebec.
At the end of the Seven years War, the regiment was disbanded.
Painted figures to follow.
 (photo courtsey of Kerry DeLorey)
 Soldier with regimental colour, régiment de Béarn, circa 1757-1760 
Soldier with regimental colour, régiment de Béarn, circa 1757-1760
When the 2nd Battalion of the French régiment de Béarn was sent to New France in 1755, it carried this regimental colour. Note the white cravat tied around the standard pole. This and the white cross were common to all French army colours of the period. The pattern of isabelle (a yellowish brown) and red horizontal bars on the colour was the mark of the régiment de Béarn. This contemporary print shows the regiment's European-pattern uniform, with red collar, cuffs and waistcoat. A special Canadian-pattern uniform with blue cuffs and waistcoat was worn from 1755 to 1757, but the uniform shown was worn in New France by the 2nd battalion from 1757 to 1760. (Parks Canada)

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