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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer holidays are coming

which means I will be making my Amerindian warriors a bit more spiffy into some 18th century wargamming. I also plan on blogging on some of the regiments which I have painted up. I started posting about those several years back, but got out of it. I will upgrade with the Osprey books which I brought back last year and have also acquired recently about these units.
some of my new paints  which I picked up at Joyful Honda, a DIY centre in Inzai, Chiba, Japan. 
They are art paints and they work pretty well. The flesh tone is Dark tan, which I am using for my Amerindian warriors. One of the leaders I am giving a coat painted with Burnt Orange with red facings, being a drummer's coat of the 35th Regiment which was at Fort William-Henry. I just need to add the drummers lace. 
I will repaint some of my British and Hanoverian troops with this orange paint during the following weeks.

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