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Sunday, 27 July 2014

British troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: 17th Regiment

Grenadier, 17th Regiment of Foot, 1750s
Grenadier, 17th Regiment of Foot, 1750s
The 17th Regiment of Foot arrived at Halifax in 1757. It took part in the siege of Louisbourg as part of Brigadier James Wolfe's brigade. The 17th’s grenadiers were surprised by a French sortie on 9 July 1758. Their captain, Lord Dundonald, and part of the company were killed. The regiment was later part of General Amherst’s army, advancing up Lake Champlain in 1759 and down the Richelieu River in 1760. It fought at Île-aux-Noix and was at the surrender of Montreal in September 1760. (Library of the Canadian Department of National Defence)
Painted figures to follow

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