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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

British Troops of the Seven Years War/French and Indian War: 28th Regiment

The 28th Regiment originally raised as Gibbons Regiment was one of the English regiments sent to Newfoundland in the late 1690s. When elements of the regiments stayed behind, they became the independent companies which were then formed into the 40th Regiment. The 28th  sailed from Cork, Ireland in 1757 being sent to Halifax, Nova Scotia serving part of the garrisons of Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal, and Fort Cumberland . They then took part in the Louisbourg 1758 campaign and Quebec 1759. They were kept in garrison through 1760 and after Montreal's surrender, they were then sent to the Caribbean taking part in Martinique and Havana. They were then sent back to Canada serving in Montreal until 1767.

(painted figures to follow)
 Art work by Gerry Embleton 
 (Kerry Delorey photo)

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