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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Retreat from Fort William-Henry scenario

This spring, I bought the Osprey Campaign Fort William-Henry book. And since I was a young lad, I have been facinated by the battle and subsequent movie which was made back in 1992.
So I've decided to try and recreate the battle on the table top.

Using elements of Field of Glory Renissance, I plan on running a game whereby the British player attempts to take as many of the garrison to Fort Edward.

A few interesting elements come into play.
First, the British player does not have the ability to shoot, as all of their ammunition has been seized. They are allowed to keep their muskets and other side arms. However, the Amerindians are hell bent on getting payback from the Anglo-Americans.
The British objective is to get as many of their troops off the board.
The Amerindian objective is to a) take as many captives
                                          b) or inflict casualties.

The French player can come to the rescue of the British, and are allowed to fire at any Amerindian who will not give up their prisoners.

I will also be using elements of the Caatan Junior game to show what spoils the Amerindians can take away so to speak.
Click for larger image(
This first shot is of the battlefield. The Anglo-Americans attempt to march to Fort Edward. The swords indicate that the soldiers still have their weapons. The barrels indicate those Amerindians under the influence of rum. As the warriors move in, they have the option of either taking the soldiers captive, killing them or just stealing their gear. The last shot shows an officer being taken captive. After I explained the history of this battle, my son then lined up all of his Amerindian warriors and made the officers run the gauntlet.

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